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Our Edge

Combination of the next generation ML/AI meta-learning frameworks, deep understanding of domain knowledge including efficient representations and analytical models as well as large-scale simulations, multi-objective optimization and adaptive collective intelligence approaches

Rare and complex states identification and forecasting

Generation of realistic synthetic data for a wide range of complex systems

Novel approaches to high-dimensional problems and hard-to-detect regime changes

Representation and identification of aesthetics, emotional and other hard-to-quantify contents in images and unstructured data

Creation of AI systems with human-like behavior and intuitive interpretability

Our Little Story

Something About Us

We always stay several steps ahead of major new developments in complex systems
modeling and early identification of novel or emerging multi-disciplinary techniques.

Our Solutions

Covered in these areas

Hybrid deep generative frameworks for on-demand generation of highly realistic synthetic data in different domains

Pre-initialized meta-learning models that can be used for fast few-shot training of the domain-specific models in the cases of sever data limitation

Hybrid approaches, based on combination of multi-complexity measures and computational topology, for discovery of optimal representations of complex states

Deep Mantic solutions can be adopted in financial, biomedical, business intelligence, robotics and other applications

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