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About Us

our solutions are based on a deeper understanding of complex systems

Our team of multi-disciplinary experts features 30 years of cutting-edge research and innovative applications in wide range of complex systems (in physics, biomedicine, engineering, finance and others fields). Using such multi-disciplinary expertise, we always stay several steps ahead of major new developments in complex systems modeling and early identification of novel or emerging multi-disciplinary techniques that could be adopted in finance, business intelligence, robotics, personalized medicine and other challenging applications.

Our first-hand understanding of pro and cons of quantitative models and modern ML algorithms allowed us to create a unique hybrid system capable of discovery of unique solutions to many challenging complex systems problems including biomedical and financial applications. Our system optimally combines best features of many cutting-edge analytical and ML methods as well as efficiently incorporates existing expert knowledge. Our framework constantly evolves by adding complementary value of promising novel approaches discovered by our team and other researchers around the world.